NZHIA Executive Team

The day-to-day administration and control of the NZHIA (in between Annual General Meetings) is handled by the Executive Committee, who are elected during the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

For contacting anyone on the executive board, please email us directly at: or fill out the contact form here: Contact NZHIA. (We unfortunately, have had to remove the executive direct email contact details due to spam issues.)

Executive Officers:

Chairperson/Treasurer: Richard Barge

Ph: +64 (0)21 706 690

Richard has been involved in the hemp industry since reading Jack Herer’s book “The Emperor Wears No Clothes ” in 1994. Richard is an accountant and runs Hemptastic New Zealand, who are currently validating a number of 100% hemp products, made in the NZ market involving oils, hats and bags.

Secretary: Temporarily Vacant

Ph: +64 (0)

Vice-President: Temporarily Vacant

Ph: +64 …

Executive Members:

Chris Woodney – NZ Hemp Brokers, Rotorua
Mobile: +64 (0)27 348 8842

Tom Welch (Chair of Members Committee) – Cannock Harvest, Marton
Phone: +64 (06) 327 7676

Tui Quauqau Te Paa – Koe Koea Hemp, Ahipara, Kaitaia
Mobile: +64 (0)20 7308 5986

Andrew Bell – Kakariki Hemp Processing Ltd, Rotorua
Mobile: +64 (0)22 447 6475

Paul Wright
Mobile: +64 (0)27 750 8789

John Smith
Mobile: +64 (0)27 279 06 48

Kirsty Harkness (Chair of Media Committee)
Mobile: +64 (0)21 432 989

Andy Elliot
Mobile: +64 (0)21 244 4333

Other NZHIA Committees & Teams

Each committee has a strategic plan identifying milestones and goals to help focus their efforts in supporting the NZHIA Executive to achieve the overall objectives of the association. Please contact us if you want any more information on the committees within the NZHIA or want to find out how you can help.

Members/Admin Committee: Looking after the members experience and taking care of the administration for the association.

Media Committee: Raising awareness and funds for the association, and producing newsletters and information for both the media and the industrial hemp community.

Government Committee: Working with the government to ensure the regulations are workable and they are aware of what the industry needs to develop successfully.

Research & Development Committee: Looking at “Food, Fibre and Health” areas, identifying gaps in the road map to achieving a fully integrated and sustainable industry within New Zealand. Click here for more info about the NZHIA R&D Committee.

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