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Welcome to the NZ Hemp Industries Association!

We facilitate the exchange of information between the iHemp industry and various stakeholders from Government to Industry and the R&D community. Our members represent the entire industry, from seed growers and processors through to suppliers and retail. Together, they bring quality hemp products from seed to shelf in both New Zealand and export markets.

NZ iHemp Summit
& Expo 2021

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NZHIA Video Resources

The 2018 iHemp Summit video presentations are available FREE for all of the iHemp community, please visit the NZHIA Vimeo Channel.

PLUS! Access to the 2020 Virtual Webinar Series is also available.

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NZ Hemp Export Driven Investor Reports

The NZHIA (with funding from AGMARDT) has released two ‘Investor Economic Evaluation’ reports by Dr Nick Marsh about prospects for the
New Zealand hemp industry up to 2030.

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Growing Hemp in New Zealand:
What does it take and who can do it?

Plant/Growth Requirements | Legal / License Requirements

FAQ: Is Hemp Marijuana? – Can you get high from smoking hemp?

Short answer: No (Same family, different cultivars).
They both come from the same plant species, but from out of 600 known cultivars, marijuana has been selectively bred to have high THC content, while industrial hemp naturally contains much less than 1% THC. (Marijuana needs 3-18% THC to have any effect on humans.) Click here for more info about the two plants.

Latest News & Media Updates:

“Whatever can be made with hydrocarbons can be made with carbohydrates” – Henry Ford

Industrial hemp is an ideal crop, producing enormous volumes of high quality biomass in a short growing cycle.

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