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2019 Annual General Meeting
29 June 2019, Wellington

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 21st Annual General Meeting of NZ Hemp industries Association Inc  (NZHIA) will be held at The Mac’s Function Centre, 4 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011.  Saturday 29th June 2019, from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm.



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1938 Popular Mechanics article  “New Billion $ crop”

Billion dollar

UN 1961 Convention on Narcotic Drugs

Control of cannabis

Art. 28. – 1. If a Party permits the cultivation of the cannabis plant for the production of cannabis or cannabis resin, it shall apply thereto the system of controls as provided in article 23 respecting the control of the opium poppy.

– 2. This Convention shall not apply to the cultivation of the cannabis plant exclusively for industrial purposes (fiber and seed) or horticultural purposes.

– 3. The Parties shall adopt such measures as may be necessary to prevent the misuse of, and illicit traffic in, the leaves of the cannabis plant.

Applying for a licence to grow hemp in New Zealand

You can only grow certain cultivars with less than 0.35% THC. Licences cost $511.11.  Ministry of Health will require a criminal check for all responsible people.

For more information go to:

November 2018, the variation to the food Code agreed by the Food Ministers on 28 April 2017 is now in place 

The details of the variation have been posted on the NZHIA Website

See the Current Affairs page – ” Food” for more background information.

A copy of the full variation has been posted on