Promoting the Economic, Environmental, Health and Social Benefits of a NZ Hemp Industry

The 5 Minute Guide 1998

The “5 minute Guide” to Industrial Hemp in New Zealand came about due to politicians, farmers, investors, government agencies and others asking for documentation specifically with a New Zealand slant regarding Industrial Hemp. It was produced after two years and many abortive attempts with the best information available to the writers at the time; it is by no means complete.

Rather it is slightly more than the 5 Minute blurb you give someone, fairly unfamiliar with Industrial Hemp, when you first meet.

However as this particular subject for all the wrong reasons has been dumped on the Ministry of Health’s desk. In the writer’s opinion this is somewhat of a comic tragedy, as the MOH staff are rightfully more concerned with health issues. The subject matter, Industrial Hemp, is way beyond that Ministry’s area of expertise; again that is no criticism of the MOH who have done a reasonable job fronting for the politicians.  New Zealand bureaucracy appears to have little real knowledge of the Global Industrial Hemp renaissance. It is hoped that this first edition will be part of an ongoing annual peruse of the current state of Industrial Hemp in New Zealand, but also informative regarding latest international developments, methodology, harvesting, manufacturing techniques & equipment including results of research and development.

The NZHIAI believes it won’t be too long before we are writing about innovations in Industrial Hemp that New Zealanders are involved in or responsible for. We hope we can foster positive business relationships with Australia and the rest of the world. We also believe that whilst centralisation may be financially prudent for major businesses it does little for a comfortable society. In effect Industrial Hemp is a step backwards in that it decentralises due to the fact that it is a bulky raw material and some processing at least must take place close to the harvested crop. This has the effect of vitalising communities all the way through the process.

Industrial Hemp may not save the world but it will certainly give the citizens of the planet a significantly better environment and way of life. NZHIAI is firmly of the belief that Industrial Hemp will completely change the way we do business in New Zealand, create tens of thousands of sustainable jobs, foster international relationships and business ventures, enhance the environment and environmental consciousness in society, whilst significantly, over time, enhancing the lives of communities.

Industrial Hemp is a vigorous, versatile and renewable on an annual basis, environmentally friendly crop. It has the advantage also of being a multi purpose crop. Innovative companies have produced plastics, detergents, clothing, paper, beer and burgers from Industrial Hemp, an estimated 25,000+ products worldwide.

To download the guide please go to NZHIA 5 Minute Guide to Industrial Hemp