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Public Newsletter June 2017

Public Newsletter June 2017 – Link

NZ Hemp Industries Association Inc

Public Newsletter for June 2017 

In this issue:

  • Hemp Foods

  • Hemp Health and Innovation Expo, Sydney

  • The big debate and a general election

  • Links to hemp seed news stories 

2018 – Hemp foods available for human consumption 

The market for nutritious plant based EFA’s (essential fatty acids) and protein has a new entrant. Hemp seed food will be available next year.  

Hulled hemp, protein and flour will finally join hemp seed oil on the shelves of our shops. 

Great news for the growing consumer demand in New Zealand, Australia and especially with our trading partners in Asia.

Australia New Zealand Food Safety (ANZFSA) the website has information on the History of this issue.  The contents of the variation can be found on the website.
The discussion document on this variation will be available for consultation after the election and any regulatory changes should be made in the first half of 2018 

Links to stories in the news are at the end of the newsletter

Massey University, Fibre Trial, January 2017, Palmerston North

Hemp Health and Innovation Expo Sydney May 2017

The second Hemp Health and Innovation Expo was held at Rosehill Gardens, Sydney on 27 and 28 May.
The next Expo will be in Melbourne on 2nd and 3rd December

The event was well attended and included a range of speakers on both days and many trade exhibitors, see the following links for the speaker timetablespeaker bios and exhibitor list,

The trade exhibitors covered a range of areas; from equipment to information and many products were available. It was great to meet people from the Australian hemp associations who were present.

The Australian industry is facing the same challenges as ours and like us are moving forward, sourcing seed and growing the market for hemp products.  Their construction industry is gaining momentum and a demonstration wall was built during the Expo, showing how clean and user friendly building with hemp is!

Hemp Exp banner
The Big Debate and a General Election

With an election in 3 months a discussion on cannabis will almost certainly come up. Is middle NZ ready to talk about cannabis and will our politicians listen.

The Government are wary of fully supporting iHemp because of the connection to cannabis and there fear they will lose votes.

Well here is the news, the cat is out of the bag.  The medicinal cannabis community have done a massive job highlighting the medicinal benefits to the public. The food and fiber industries are getting ready to scale and the iHemp industry is growing year by year.

If the public were listened to, all the political parties would realise that there are votes to be won by supporting the iHemp “goods news story”.

It ticks all the right boxes, employment creation in the regions, export potential, builds capacity, encourages R&D and education.

If they go further and accept the law was set up to control THC, as a psychoactive drug, then this has clearly got to help the acceptance of low THC iHemp as just another arable crop.

Please note the NZHIA is only interested in Low THC industrial hemp.

Food Article Links

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