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Public Newsletter May and June 2018

Public Newsletter  May and June 2018

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Promoting the Economic, Environmental, Health & Social Benefits of a New Zealand Hemp Industry

Public Newsletter for June 2018

In this issue:

  • MPI Hemp seed food update and fit for purpose review

  • The iHemp Summit, Wellington, 5 & 6th July 2018

  • WHO World Health Organisation, Special meeting on cannabis and related substances 4-7 June 2018

  • Events and iHemp Press Articles

HH Hemp Ltd, Kompolti crop, Dunedin 2017/2018

MPI Hemp Seed Food Update and Fit for
Purpose Review – Send in your response now

The much anticipated MPI discussion document on the April 2017 variation to the food code, was finally released on May 10, with responses due by 20th June 2018.

Due to the delay in getting the discussion document out for public consultation, New Zealand will not have a green light for human consumption of hemp seed, until latter this year or early 2019!.

When it finally happens it will be great news for the consumers but it will be too late for the industry to scale up and plant more seed crops this season.

The approach in the discussion document is significantly incorrect and these shortcomings need to be raised with MPI and MOH

The NZHIA have prepared a response (copy here) which highlights the simple approach, we recommend to allowing hemp seed foods within the Food Act.  Hemp food products are already covered as “Hemp Products” in the iHemp Regulations, so there is no need to amend our regulations.  MPI simply have to incorporate the April 2017 variation in to the NZ Food Act 2015 and the job is done!,

We encourage you to email your feedback on the discussion document by 5pm on 20 June 2018 to  Please let them know “we support the feedback document provided by the NZHIA ” and add your own comments and recommendations, we have provided some ideas here.

The “fit for purpose” review has missed all of industry’s concerns, which have been raised over the last 10 years.  Instead of helping to enable the industry, MPI have followed the lead of MOH who want to add more control in to the iHemp Regulations, with recommendations that achieve very little and are not actually required.

The MOH are confused and need to reconsider their intent and interpretation of the regulations rather than making changes to them.

We applaud MPI for taking the initiative and trying to get a “fit for purpose” review done as part of the process to allow hemp seed for human consumption.  However it could delay the food issue as the changes proposed by MOH are unacceptable to many in the iHemp industry.

MPI need to keep it simple and separate the two issues and get the food access sorted with urgency.  Then encourage MOH to listen to industry and make the iHemp Regulations work as they were intended, and enable the development of a great new industry for New Zealand.

New Zealand’s inaugural – iHemp Summit – 5th to 6th July, Wellington.  With a welcome evening reception on the 4th

The Program is now available on

Come along and learn about the industry and what is needed to move the economic, environmental and social potential of iHemp, forward .

The number of tickets is limited, so get in now to ensure you don’t miss out on the first iHemp Summit in New Zealand.

Check out  and face book

Please pass this on to people in your networks who should be aware of iHemp and the event.

World Health Organisation (WHO) meeting of the Expert Committee on Drug Dependence (ECCD), Geneva 4-7 June 2018

The 40th ECDD meeting, is a specially convened session dedicated to carrying out reviews of cannabis and cannabis-related substances:

  1. Preparations containing cannabidiol (CBD)
  2. Cannabis plant and cannabis resin
  3. Extracts and tinctures of cannabis*
  4. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)
  5. Isomers of THC.
After the open session on the afternoon of Monday the 4th June, there is a two day closed session.The closed session will begin with, updates on priorities of international agencies and an overview of the current status of cannabis control within international drug control conventions.

Following this will be a critical review of 1 above, 2-5 are pre-reviews, all of which involve presentations of “key points from report”, “country questionnaires” and “peer reviews” and a panel discussion.

The outcome will be a –  “Review and Adoption of Final Report”

The Misuse of Drugs – Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Bill
Hear the submissions on the Health Select Committee Facebook page

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International Events

2 – 5 November 2018 – 25 HIA Annual Conference, Los Angeles

16-17 October 2018  – 8th international Hemp Building Symposium, Brussels, Belgium

Join the NZHIA for more information and support for your hemp enterprise, together we stand!