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Medicinal Cannabis Scheme Consultation

The Ministry of Health has opened public consultation on the proposals for the medicinal cannabis regulations needed to support the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme. Consultation closes Wednesday 7 August 2019 at 5 pm.

consultation Document here
MOH Notification here
Online tool for Submissions here

Next steps after the consultation

The Ministry of Health will analyse the feedback and consult with the Medicinal Cannabis Advisory Group before providing advice to the Government on the outcomes of the consultation, including any proposed changes. The Ministry of Health will then seek approval from Cabinet on the regulatory proposals and work with the Parliamentary Counsel Office to draft the proposed Misuse of Drugs (Medicinal Cannabis) Regulations.

We are aiming to have the above regulations made by 18 December 2019 and to have the Medicinal Cannabis Scheme operational in the first quarter of 2020.

NZHIA Public Newsletter May – June 2019

NZ Hemp Industries Association Inc, 1997
Promoting the Economic, Environmental, Health & Social Benefits of a New Zealand Hemp Industry
Public Newsletter for May – June 2019 – In this issue:

  • The NZHIA AGM 29th June 2019 in Wellington
  • The US HIA is taking on Facebook
  • MPI getting serious about the iHemp industry
  • iHemp Magazine issue 6 now available
  • Events – National and International
  • iHemp in the news – Press Articles

NZ Hemp Industries Association Inc, AGM 29th June 2019, in Wellington. 

Our 21st AGM will be held at the Macks Function Center, starting at 1pm, networking begins at 11am.

Our Chairman Mack McIntosh will be retiring after more than 29 years of leading the NZ Hemp Industries Association. Come along to Wellington, it is a great opportunity to meet the Godfather of hemp in NZ.

Please RSVP to if you will be attending the AGM. Only financial members will be eligible to vote.

On May 20, 2019, the Hemp Industries Association partnered with industry leaders, including Hoban Law Group, to launch “Hemp Is Legal”.

This is a campaign urging social media giants like Facebook to end their censorship against industrial hemp companies and allow them to use Facebook’s advertising tools to reach a larger audience who wish to support the emerging American hemp industry. Read the press release here. If you want to add your support to this cause, you can find more information here.

The Times Square ad will run until August 24, 2019.

The Government are getting serious about iHemp and the medicinal cannabis industry

The next meeting of the Industrial Hemp Liaison Group is on the 11th July 2019 and Callaghan Innovation are hosting a “Hemp Sector Strategy” workshop for their government colleagues on the 25th June 2019, to help understand what the industry needs to  become a part of this high value, fast growing global market.

The NZHIA and the Medicinal Cannabis Council are pleased to be able to represent industry at this event.

Issue 6 of the iHemp magazine is out now


August 29-30, 2019 CannaBiz Invest Asia, Bangkok
November 1-4  26th HIACON, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
November 8-9, 2019 Latin America & Caribbean Hemp Summit, Montevideo, Uruguay
November 14-16, 2019 – the Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo, Malta
November 26-27, 2019 – Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance CHTA, Conference Calgary, Canada

Recent iHemp – New Zealand press articles

2019  – Otago University – NZ Industrial Hemp Industry: Motivation, constraints , and moving forward, Polly Jane Brownlee, Thesis – Masters

May 2019 – Hills Laboratories – Services available to the hemp industry

17 Jun 2019 – Cawthron gets the green light to test, research, and develop hemp products

17 Jun 2019 – Stuff – James Cameron: New Zealand ‘not living up to it’s own image”

13 Jun 2019 – Stuff – Cannasouth heads for listing, at a price

13 Jun 2019 – Scoop – MBIE Funding welcome news for medicinal cannabis

11 Jun 2019 – Stuff – Rebel Bakehouse hemp seed wraps high in taste and protein

10 Jun 2019 – NZ Herald – The Country – Dual cropping to increase efficiency in commercial hemp farming

29 May 2019 – ODT Rural Life – Fashioning a future for NZ’s natural fibres

25 May 2019 – ABC documentary, High Fibre: High hopes for Australia’s emerging industrial hemp industry, with a focus on hempcrete – 13 minute

20 May 2019 – Newshub – A million kiwis want to try medicinal cannabis survey

19 May 2019 – Stuff – Intellectual property battle over cannabis products already being fought

16 May 2019 – Health Research Council of NZ – Medicinal cannabis users focus on new research

8 May 2019 – Scoop Business – Medleaf giving NZers back freedom and choice

7 May 2019 – RNZ – Cannabis referendum to be a yes/no questions, govt confirms

13 March 2019 – Family First – ASA says anti-cannabis billboard “socially responsible”

10 March 2019 – RNZ – Growing demand – NZ’s budding cannabis businesses

19 Feb 2019 – NZ Herald –  Business, Hemp growing course gets 600 applications for one of 30 spots

18 Feb 2019 – NZ Herald –  Lifestyle – Niki Bezzant: Is hemp truly a wonder plant

2 Nov 2018 – Stuff –  Hemp bars beat insect patties in food competition

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ihemp Magazine, issue 6

iHemp Mag – May & June 2019 Issue

click picture
  • Medical Cannabis use in Ancient Rome
  • The Endocannabinoid System – How THC and CBD work
  • More Human Endocannabinoid Receptors have been found
  • Sativa by Day, Indica by Night
  • Marco’s Hemp Protein Bread Recipe
  • Hemp Leaf & Flower in NZ Kindies by 2020
  • Accessing Cannabis in NZ (Doctor Option)
  • Accessing Cannabis in NZ (Green Fairy Option)
  • You can get any doctor to prescribe CBD if they know what they are doing
  • Marco’s Top 8 Kiwi Medicinal Cannabis Companies

NZHIA Public Newsletter March and April

NZ Hemp Industries Association Inc, 1997
Promoting the Economic, Environmental, Health & Social Benefits of a New Zealand Hemp Industry
Public Newsletter for March + April 2019 – In this issue:

  • MPI iHemp Industries Liaison Group
  • Callaghan Innovation – hosted a great workshop on extraction
  • iHemp Magazine and summit Videos – Available Now
  • Events – National and International
  • iHemp in the news – Press Articles
Male and Female hemp plants

iHemp Industries Liaison Group

The NZHIA in conjunction with MPI and MOH have set up the “iHemp Industry Liaison Group”, which will meet quarterly to hear the news from Government about issues facing the iHemp industry.

The NZHIA hope to involve other Government ministries affected by the iHemp industry so they can all work together to enable the industry as per the Objective of the 2006 industrial hemp regulations:

the objective of these regulations is to enable the cultivation and distribution of industrial hemp under a licencing regime that ensures that other forms of cannabis are not cultivated and distributed under the guise of industrial hemp”

The Liaison Group is open to all stakeholders and includes organisations, associations, groups and other businesses involved in or potentially affected by the industry.

We look forward to this as an opportunity to raise awareness of iHemp and the issues facing the industry.  The wider audience will focus the spotlight on the considerable effect the Government has on the emerging iHemp industry and encourage them to get behind iHemp and “enable” the industry.

It is great to have a wide range of industries involved, as they need to identify their roles, in the research and development of this brand new industry for New Zealand/Aotearoa.

We need to remove the uncertainty created by the Government.  All it would take is a politician/Minister to make their intent clear to the officials – Enable the industry, let the industry lead, allow them to work within the legislation and build a world class industry.

If we have to wait for this to happen, we will be paying the licence fees for technology developed overseas instead of overseas companies paying for the licence to use IP and technology created by kiwi ingenuity in New Zealand!

Now is the time to be bold and to support the development of regional economies, based on our sustainable iHemp industry.

Callaghan Innovation’s extraction workshop was a huge success, the two demo days were sold out and the workshop was presented to a full room of interested people.

Informative presentations on the use and practicalities of extraction methods, in particular super critical CO2, along with an update from the Ministry of Health and the NZHIA were enthusiastically received by attendees.

The attendees ranged from farmers, medicinal cannabis companies,  processors and service industries, like testing laboratories who are all involved in this new emerging industry.

An industry that could very quickly add a significant and new export revenue stream for NZ Inc.

Our “General iHemp licences” authorise the following activities; to posses, procure, supply and process iHemp.
Extraction is just another form of industrial processing, similar to cold pressing hemp seed oil, or hulling seeds.  Extraction can be used to produce CBD for both medicinal and industrial use.

There is an expanding and willing international market, calling for suitable biomass and extracts.  They want NZ grown product – and we could be exporting millions of dollars worth of product to them right now.

NZ could be a world leader, our industry is ready we just need the clear government intent to support and enable us.  We are close to achieving critical mass, the human food market has moved us toward a sustainable business, but we still need access to the revenue streams from all parts of the plant to realise iHemp’s full economic potential.

Videos from the 2018 iHemp Summit are now available on Vimeo.  Members and Summit attendees get free access and the public can watch them here

Issue 5 of the iHemp Magazine is available now –click here


May 1-2 2019, The Hemp Biz conference, Denver Colorado
18-19 May 2019, HHI Expo – Sydney
17-19 May 2019, CannaTrade, International Hemp Fair since 2001, Zurich
May 29 – June 1, 2019 , Cannabis World Congress & Business Exposition, New York
June 3-4, 2019 Eastern US hemp Conference & Expo, New York
June 5-6, 2019 16th EIHA Convention, Cologne
November 1-4  26th HIACON, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA
November 14-16, 2019 – the Medical Cannabis Conference and Expo, Malta]

Recent iHemp – New Zealand press articles

30 Apr 2019 – Sunmedia – HempFarm celebrate their factory opening

26 Apr 2019 – NZ Herald, Business – Medicinal cannabis firm Pure Cann New Zealand gets $6 million investment

24 Apr 2019 – Stuff – New medicinal cannabis company to create 100 jobs in Taupo

21 Apr 2019 – Stuff – Kiwi drug company AFT looks at medical cannabis opportunities as referendum nears

17 Apr 2019 – NZ Herald – Two thirds of GP’s quizzed about medicinal cannabis

12 Apr 2019 – RNZ – Mack MacIntosh has high hopes for hemp

5 Apr 2019 – Newsroom – Two Cents’ Worth: Growing a cannabis economy

4 Apr 2019 – The Profit – Growing a market for hemp foods from Hawkes Bay

29 Mar 2019 – Stuff – Wairarapa company Breadcraft launches hemp seed, cricket flour wraps

14 Mar 2019 – Supermarket News –  Hemp feature

18 Mar 2019 – Herald- Business Hemp Milk: A Hawkes Bay company is developing it, but would you drink it

19 Feb 2019 – Stuff -Kiwi trio aim to make hemp apparel mainstream fashion

13 Feb 2019 – Viva – Hooray for Hemp: Why Hemp Is The Sustainable Superfood to Watch

10 Feb 2019 – Press Release – Family First – Billboard campaign encourages “Nope to Dope”

2 Feb 2019 – Viva, Why Hemp-Based Food Is On the Rise In New Zealand

7 Jan 2019 – Otago Daily Times – Cannabis museum for Christchurch

1 Dec 2018 – Otago Daily Times – Squaring off over medical Cannabis

Dec 2018 – Kea – How will the new cannabis law reform affect NZ?

24 Aug 2018 – Otago Daily Times – Grower promotes uses of industrial hemp

2 Aug 2018 – Southland Express – Entrepreneur explores hemp’s potential

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