NZHIA Hemp Virtual Webinar Series

The NZHIA Hemp Virtual Webinar Series will feature 11 online episodes, that will be covering the entire industrial hemp (iHemp) value chain, running from 1st to 31st of July 2020. Each 1 hour webinar episode will introduce interesting iHemp topics and some of the interesting people creating the industry in Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Who should attend?
– Business leaders and owners who need to hear why iHemp must become part of their sustainable business plans. – Consumers and the general public wanting to know more. – Iwi, Government, CRI’s and the R&D community to lean about the exciting potential of Ihemp and why they need to be involved

Why should you attend?
– To raise your awareness of how this amazing plant will help regional development and create a new multi-billion dollar industry for Aotearoa/New Zealand.

What will you get?
– Each webinar is made up of 3 presentations, a panel discussion and a big chunk of Q&A.

Program Details

 NZHIA Virtual Webinar Series  – July 2020 
Date Episode Topic
Wednesday 1-JulHemp 101 – Introduction, terminology and potential for iHemp in Aotearoa/New Zealand
Thursday2-JulGovernment regulations and testing iHemp
Tuesday7-JulGrowing iHemp, in rotation, Agri-inputs and food, fiber, health and phytoremediation crops
Thursday9-JulExport strategy and the need for NZ to differentiate our brands, incorporating provenance & story into a product, leveraging being indigenous/Maori
Tuesday14-JulFiber – Circular Economy and end uses, high and low tech markets, now and in the future
Thursday16-JulFiber – Growing and construction uses. Decorticating stems into bast fibre and hurd 
Tuesday21-JulFood – How to use it, high value nutrition, R&D eco system and direction of travel regarding plant based foods and protein. New Product Development, healthy food trends
Thursday23-JulFood – How it is made. Growing seed crops, packaging and marketing – compliance and considerations, scaling to meet the export potential
Tuesday28-JulHealth – Medical Cannabis Scheme  – THC and CBD
Thursday30-JulHealth – Natural health products/cosmetics and the wellness industry for cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids
Friday31-JulScenarios to develop the iHemp industry and call to action

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