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Public Newsletter April 2017

Public Newsletter April 2017 – Link

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Public Newsletter for April 2017 

In this issue:

  • Hempseed as a human food – Vote 28 April 2017
  • Hemp Harvest 2017 – Far North and the East Cape
  • A hemp farm visit in South Auckland, by Anna Harding
Hempseed as a human food – ANZFSA Food Ministers met on 28 April to vote on the issue

Australia New Zealand Food Safety (ANZFSA) authority have put forward proposal P1042 Low THC Hemp Seeds as Food for human consumption.  The 10 Food Ministers (9 Australian and 1 New Zealand) meet on 28th April to vote on the proposed variation to the Food Standard code 1.4.4.

We can produce a huge range of safe, nutritious and natural foods and beverages from iHemp. But they continue to treat us like we are a drug crop.
In this case we are only allowed to use hemp seed denying the industry accesses to the food and beverage markets for all the other foods made from the leaf and bud.

The proposal will require us to hull the seed (whole seeds will still require a licence)  for sale to the public.  It will control the labeling and names we can use, they have even introduced limits on CBD, (a naturally occurring cannabinoid in iHemp) which they have already agreed is safe.  

Human access to hempseed is a great thing for the industry, however it is still a missed opportunity.  After waiting 18 years to get to this point, the Low THC  iHemp industry will still not be able to meet the consumer demand for all hemp foods, as they do Internationally. 

Hemp Harvest In Kaitaia and Ruatoria 

Koe Koea Hemp in Northland harvested their crop in March, the NZ Herald Business news reported on 14 March 2017. 

Hemp Harvest In Ruatoria, East Cape, New Zealand

Hikirangi Enterprises harvested their crop with the help of interested people from the local community.  This achieved their aim to engage the community in a conversation and showed iHemp can be an alternative land use.
A local hemp industry will bring in jobs and businesses opportunities.
See their website for photos and media from the Hikurangi Hemp Harvest 2017

Field trial of Kompolti, with a maize boarder crop Pukekohe March 2017
A hemp farm visit in South Auckland 

In March NZHIA Members from the Waikato and Northland were invited to visit a hemp crop, here are the thoughts of Anna Harding a young journalist. 

Hemp inspired

After reading an article about hemp four years ago, it has since been in the back of my mind. When I lived in Europe I tired as many hemp products as I could and when I got to Amsterdam the hemp and marijuana museum was first one my list of things to see.

This year my brother is planning to grow hemp for the first time. So when he told me he was going to a hemp farm open day, I was super keen.

So one Saturday last month we drove down to Richards farm in Pukekohe. We were the first ones there, and we where greeted by Richard and his display of hemp hats and bags that he he’s been selling at local markets. He also had some hemp seeds in various forms for us to try – ‘tofu’ hemp, hemp milk and hemp seeds.

Eventually around 20 of us came, and it was awesome to get to know everyone and compare hemp notes. Most of us were hoping to grow it for the first time this year, with only one group having grown it before besides Richard.

It was really interesting for us newbie’s to have access to these people, especially Richard, so we could ask face to face as questions came up. From the conversations I realised that Hemp is restricted by laws a lot more than I thought. I guess living in Europe and seeing it so freely made me forget how behind we are in New Zealand.

My brother Mathew, the one who’s keen to grow it said “information about the industry and where its at, and making contacts was extremely valuable, like finding out someone up north was doing a harvest a few weeks after, so I was able to contact them and go along to help out. I now feel more optimistic, keen and confident to grow it myself.”

So after all introducing ourselves,  we went and had a look at Richards crop. Mathew and I had never seen hemp growing before so it was so interesting and awesome to see it.

Some things that really interested me was learning about hemp being a wind pollinating plant, upcoming possible law changes and why they haven’t changed yet, that there are other hemp farmers in the North, and the stages of growing it to harvest.

While Mathew is keen to get stuck in and is applying for his license, I still defiantly have the travel bug. So I plan to go back to Europe after saving enough money again. And hopefully get a job in the industry, learn all I can, and bring it back to New Zealand and start a Hempire!!

Kompolti seeds starting to form, early March 2017, Pukekohe

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