NZ iHemp Summit & Expo 2018

The first NZ iHemp Summit was held on 5-6th July 2018 in Wellington, the video recordings of these presentations are now available here for free.

The summit shared local and international knowledge on hemp and these presentations are available on this page. New Zealand can be a world leader at growing and using hemp, and this conference opened the eyes of NZ Inc to the iHemp opportunity. This is not just another hippie dream scheme, this is a real economic opportunity, with massive upside for our regional economies and the environment.

Video Presentation Trailer:


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Day One, 4th July 2018

  • Meet and greet at Mac’s Function Centre.

Day Two, 5th July 2018

Day Three, 6th July 2018

Day Two, 5th July 2018

Opening Address: Mack McIntosh – NZHIA

Welcome from the NZHIA . How we got to where we are.

Introduction to Hemp: Richard Barge – Hemptastic, Summit Chair.

Terms and terminology, introduce hemp and aims for the conference, set the scene, highlight current market participants and their products, regulations, prospects.

Industry Economics: Wayne Mulligan – Fomana

Developing the Māori economy. Maximising the value of NZ science to give NZ competitive advantage while growing and supporting Māori / regional communities.

A word from the Minister: Hon Damien O’Connor.

Address from the Minister of Agriculture, Biosecurity & Food and Rural Communities.

Industry Economics: Andrew Gibbs & Jane Fraser-Jones – Deloitte.

An overview of the economics of hemp production for food, fibre and medicine. Challenges of launching a new industry.

Moving to Hemp, Part 1: Jeff Kostuik – Hemp Genetics International.

The Canadian experience of breeding, agronomics, preparation, growing, harvesting and the processes ex harvest (for grain/seed).

Moving to Hemp, Part 2: Jo Townshend – Midlands Seed.

NZ climate, regions that are best suited to cultivation and plant variety selection. NZ trial and commercial grain/seed production – results from the past 10 years.

Hemp for Fibre, Part 1: Bob Doyle – Hemp International Australia.

An overview of modern techniques and equipment for cultivating, harvesting and processing hemp for various fibre markets. (Video Call)

Hemp for Fibre, Part 2: John Smith – Hemp Technologies Global.

Introduction to making building materials from hemp.

Hemp for Fibre, Part 3: Dave and Anne Jordan.

An update from The Hemp Farm – fibre processing in New Zealand. (Pre-recorded message)

Hemp for Fibre, Part 4: Kim Pickering – University of Waikato.

Fibre products, now and in the future. Properties of hemp and the opportunities these present. What products can be made and for which markets. (Video call)

Hemp for Fibre, Part 5: Phil Warner – Ecofibre.

How NZ fits into the international hemp industry, global markets now and in the future, path to a successful hemp fibre industry.

Day Three, 6th July 2018

Hemp for Food, Part 1: John Roulac – Nutiva.

A North American perspective on current opportunities and barriers relating to hemp seeds and oils in food products. (Video call)

Hemp for Food, Part 2: Andrew Davidson – Midlands Seed.

NZ hemp food experience, vertical integration, what’s in place now and ready to go, regulatory environment.

Hemp for Food, Part 3: Michael Mayell – Nutrient Rescue.

Trends in and marketing of hemp food products.

Moving to Hemp, Part 1: Maggie Davidson – Western Sydney University.

Health & Safety in hemp cultivation and processing. What new liabilities will farmers be taking on, what training is required to overcome these?

Moving to Hemp, Part 2: Dr. Mike Nichols.

Specific cultivation techniques for food, fibre and medicine applications.

Moving to Hemp, Part 3: Carmelle Riley – Whenua Kura.

The importance of skills development and training in creating a new emerging NZ agricultural industry.

Moving to Hemp, Part 4: Bryan Wilson – MPI.

Update on Food regulatory requirements, government vision for the hemp industry.

Moving to Hemp, Part 5: Stewart Jessamine – MOH.

Update on the hemp regulations, government vision for the hemp industry.

Government panel discussion.

Hemp for Medicine, Part 1: Panapa Ehau & Manu Caddie – Hikurangi Group.

Experiences so far as NZ’s first medicinal cannabinoid company.

Hemp for Medicine, Part 2: Helen Poulsen – ESR & Karen Oldfield – MRINZ.

Quality control for medicinal cannabinoids – ensuring doctors and patients receive products that meet the labelled description.

Hemp for Medicine, Part 3: Stephen Tallon – Callaghan Innovation.

Optimising cannabinoid extraction processes in NZ.

Hemp for Medicine, Part 4: Anna Campbell – Abacus Bio.

Breeding and data opportunities for cannabis, how do we differentiate New Zealand product?

Investing in Hemp, Part 1: Simon Rowell – Innovation Liberation Front.

Smart intellectual property strategies to build sound businesses and attract investors. How to licence IP from overseas and control your IP internationally.

Investing in Hemp, Part 2: Steve Saunders – Plus Group.

Collective business model approach to science-based investment in high tech foods.

Investing in Hemp, Part 3: Miriana Stephens – Wakatū Incorporation.

New product development, working with science partners to make commercial products for target export markets.

Connecting with, and getting results from, the NZ science base.

Investing in Hemp, Part 5: Chris Woodney – NZ Hemp Brokers.

Moving beyond the ordinary – where can hemp go?

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