Opening Up Hemp Foods – FSANZ Application A1236


Update – December 2023

Update – October 2022

FSANZ Food Standards Australia New Zealand has the following on their August workplan update document regarding application A1236.

​​The application seeks approval ​to permit the sale of low-THC hemp leaf, seed sprout and root as food and food ingredients in Australia and New Zealand.

The table below outlines the development stages. The assessment began in September 2002 and a call for submissions is due in early 2023.

FSANZ Application – August 2021

An application has been submitted by hemp industry pioneer Andrew Kavasilas to Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) to request amendments to the Food Code to permit the use and sale of low-delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) hemp leaf, seed sprouts and roots for human consumption. 

The FSANZ details can be found here.

The application was made by Kavasil Pty Ltd, and Andrew is working closely with Hemp Fields Managing Director, Arthur Wajs, who also serves on the Executive Board of the Australian Industrial Hemp Alliance (AIHA).

This initiative was featured on the ABC Landline, Growing Pains episode on 22 August.

As the application is “unpaid” at this time, the commencement assessment starts early September 2022, public consultation January 2023 and anticipated gazettal if no review is requested early September 2023.

Read more in an in-depth article “Legalising Hemp Leaf Foods: An Interview With Industry Pioneer Andrew Kavasilas” via Sydney Criminal Lawyers.

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