Collaborate with the University of Canterbury on an Industry Project


Collaborate with the University of Canterbury, College of Engineering, on an Industry Project

Have you put off starting a project because you don’t have the time or resources to tackle it right now? Could you benefit from in-depth research or consultancy for your organisation?

The University of Canterbury, College of Engineering, may be able to help. They want to hear from companies interested in partnering with students on industry projects, not only in all disciplines of Engineering, Forestry, Maths and Product Design, but also:

  • Industrial product design and fibre based research
  • Chemical, natural and healthcare product formulation

What’s in it for me?

A collaboration with the University of Canterbury, College of Engineering, could help you complete a project you wouldn’t normally have time for.

Sponsoring student projects is not only a great way to participate in education, but gives you the chance to:
•        explore ideas with fresh minds,
•        access knowledge and equipment you may not have within your company,
•        develop prototypes or prove theories you currently don’t have the time to do,
•        raise your company profile with soon to be Engineering Graduates,
•        work closely with Engineering students (many go on to work with the companies that sponsor their project),
•        connect with the College of Engineering, who knows where that relationship may lead you.

You’ll be working with innovative and creative students – New Zealand’s future engineers or designers.

When the project is complete, your organisation will have access to the prototype, report, or case study produced by the student(s).

Previous project owners have found value in the often unique and interesting viewpoints students bring to their project(s). See how other companies have made the most of this opportunity

How does it work?

There are opportunities to be involved as a ‘project partner’ or a ‘project sponsor’. As the owner of the project, you’ll set expectations and provide support and direction to your student(s).

Project Partner

You’ll find information about being a project partner in the Masters of Applied Data Science ‘Collaborate’ brochure. This option doesn’t require funding, although you’re encouraged to pay your student for their time.

Almost anything that you want to understand better, and can identify data for, can be submitted as a potential project for students from this programme.

Please note: All Masters of Data Science students, have be allocated projects for this summer, but you can still contact them about projects for 2020.

Project Sponsor

As a project sponsor, you make a financial contribution to the College of Engineering. You can find out more about what’s involved – including costs, timeframes, and a list of potential project areas – in the University of Canterbury’s College of Engineering ‘Collaborate’ brochure.

You’ll also find examples of previous projects on the College of Engineering’s webpage.

There are a range of specialisations within the College of Engineering.  NZHIA members may be particularly interested in working with students from the Chemical, Natural, and Healthcare Product Formulation’ programme.

I’m interested – what now?

Project and submission rounds close throughout the year.  If you have a research idea a great place to start the journey is to complete a Project sponsor form

Contact Grahame Burgess at the University of Canterbury or visit the College of Engineering ‘Industry Collaborations’ webpage for more information.

See a list of potential topics

  • Industrial product design and fibre based research – here
  • Chemical, natural and healthcare product formulation – here

Submission date

Final Year Project final submission date for an idea or project is: Friday, 20 December 2019, for projects to be started in February 2020.

As student numbers are limited, and vary from year to year, it is recommend starting this process early to avoid missing out on having your project selected.

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