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NZHIA and the Ministry of Health

The Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations need to be tweaked to make them more workable for the iHemp Industry. The NZHIA have written to the Director General of Health and the Ministers highlighting our concerns at the work ability of the Regulations. NZHIA Director General Letter 16 September 2015 We have forwarded information to senior …

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Join the NZHIA and help us to represent the New Zealand Hemp Industry

The NZHIA Executive invite you to join the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association Inc. If you’re interested or involved please get in touch. We began representing the local industry following our incorporation in 1997, we lobbied hard to get the trials established in 2000. And as part of the Governments Inter-Agency Working Group we worked …

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NZHIA puts hemp seed food issue on TV 3 news

  NZHIA puts hemp seed food issue on the TV3 news TV3 recently visited Penny Young, NZHIA Secretary at her hemp farm in Hunna, South Auckland  http://www.3news.co.nz/nznews/growers-push-to-relax-restrictions-on-hemp-2015032817 New Zealand industry and government want access to hemp foods, but as we share food safety standards with Australia we were outvoted in the FSANZ, meeting on 30 …

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FSANZ Vote No on Application A1039, Denying hemp seed foods for human consumption, oil is still available in NZ

  A1039 Low THC Foods – The FSANZ forum of Food Ministers voted no to the application on 30 Jan 2015. Despite their own FSANZ official recommendation to accept the variation to the food standard, the Forum of Food and Health Minsters have voted “NO” to A1039.  They could only decide to accept, amend or reject …

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Ministers to Vote on A 1039 on 30 Jan 2015, Auckland

The Nine Australian and One New Zealand Food and Health Ministers will vote on A 1039 on Friday 30 January 2015. The Ten Ministers of the FSANZ Forum will meet in The Pullman Hotel, Auckland on Friday 3oth. This could be a milestone date, as a yes vote to the variation to the Food Standard 1.4.4 …

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A1039 NZHIA Letter to Food Ministers

The NZHIA have written a letter to the 16 Food Ministers representing the Forum, 10 of whom will vote on Application A1039 low THC hemp foods in Jan or Feb 2014. This letter was sent to encourage the Ministers to vote “YES” to the variation to the Food Standard put forward by FSANZ  (Food Safety Australia New …

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A1039 Low THC hemp seed foods

On 21 December 2014 the FSANZ (Foods Safety Australia and New Zealand) reaffirmed its approval of the draft variation to allow limited access to low THC hemp seed foods for human consumption (http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/code/applications/Pages/applicationa1039lowt4708.aspx) The Forum now has 60 days to accept, amend or reject the variation.  So a decision should be available before 18 February …

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