Join the NZHIA and help us to represent the New Zealand Hemp Industry


The NZHIA Executive invite you to join the New Zealand Hemp Industries Association Inc. If you’re interested or involved please get in touch.

We began representing the local industry following our incorporation in 1997, we lobbied hard to get the trials established in 2000. And as part of the Governments Inter-Agency Working Group we worked alongside the government during the 2000-2005 trials.

As a result of the work done by NZHIA members and others the Government enacted the Misuse of Drugs Act Hemp Regulations (2006).

In 2008 the Association stepped back and encouraged member business to pursue their own business plans to establish a local hemp industry.

By 2014 more people had entered the industry, making progress on the fibre side and the seed industry had grown with the continued support of some large and small companies.

We believe that the NZHIA still has a role to play in accelerating the progress of the industry and have decided to again become active and facilitate the development by helping connect the industry and push it forward.

Our Current projects involve

  • Working with the Government; Review of Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, Food Safety Code
  • Facilitating engagement with industry participants
  • Developing markets for hemp products
  • Promoting hemp, let us know if you want to have a “Shed” public meeting in your area

The new NZHIA membership year began on 1st of April 2015, we encourage you to consider joining if you are involved/planning to become involved/interested in the local industry.

Member benefits include:

  • More information and updates not included in website posts and public newsletters
  • Acknowledgement of your involvement and commitment to the New Zealand hemp industries
  • Access to networks involved with hemp locally and internationally
  • Being represented at the Government level
  • Participation in the exchange of information and opportunities within the industry
  • Participation in creating best practices within the industry
  • Promotion of your business/organisation or personal profile to other members and the wider public
  • Help

Please consider joining the Association, if any of the above appeal to you.

Go to the NZHIA website and complete the application from in the Join tab. Join NZHIA

If you decide not to join, please subscribe to the Newsletter on the Website to keep up to date about hemp in New Zealand.

Thank you for your continued interest in the hemp industry.

The NZHIA Executive


 To ensure Government legislation and compliance issues are necessary, workable and industry friendly;

  • Removing industrial hemp from the prohibited botanicals list.
  • Ensuring Government regulations remain pertinent and up to date.
  • Ensure the public is properly and reliably informed regarding industrial hemp developments, technology and produce.
  • Encourage environmentally friendly and ethical bioregional developments.
  • Acknowledge NZHIA has no interest in the recreational cannabis debate, except where it may impede industry development.
  • Acknowledge growing social awareness of cannabis in medicine may be a future economic opportunity for industrial hemp.
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