5th International Hemp Building Symposium 6-7 October 2015




5th International Hemp Building Symposium 6-7th October

The IHBA is proud to announce the 5th gathering of International Hemp Building experts will be held in the Uckermark region of Germany to the North of Berlin on the 6-7th October 2015. The venue is the Schlusshof situated in a rural location, 1.30 hour from Berlin.

The two days of activity will include presentations of academic thesis, case studies and new material development. As part of the Symposium there will also be an educational visit to the Hanffaser factory to actually see Hemp building materials being processed and uses demonstrated.

The Symposium language will be English.
This years accommodation is in the Schlusshof venue, where the Symposium is being held and along with the evening meal is included in the delegate fee.
Registration is now open. For more information and to register view the IHBA Event Page. click here

Or email Steve for more info:

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