How to handle the local council: Getting a permit


Toby Ricketts is a keen DIY’er, he and his wife purchased some land in Mangonui, Northland, and decided to live on it, while they figured out how and where they were going to build their house.  (He normally works in radio in a recording studio environment.)

“Due to the lay of the land, the sunniest part was extending over a gully that could be subject to flooding. So we had decided to build on poles. Along the way, we discovered that we were one of the few people in New Zealand to attempt a Hemp Home build, and the only ones to be doing it on pole and rail foundations.

“There are challenges to get through ‘Council’ but it was easier than we expected…”

Want to learn how Toby managed to move forward with his building consents and hemp build? Get the full story in this month’s iHemp Magazine – Fibre Construction.

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