MPI Consultation – Food and the iHemp Regulations


MPI Consultation closes 20 June 2018

The industry and all interested parties need to send an email today!

YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, 10 days before the deadline and MPI have received only 2 responses!


It you want an iHemp industry this is a great opportunity to show MPI we are serious, please email and send them your views, we have provided some ideas below


The MPI discussion document has combined two issues:

  • Allowing hemp seed food for human consumption
  • “Fit for purpose” review of the iHemp Regulations 2006

This has caused a lot of confusion as the food issue is simple and the review is a lot more involved.

The NZHIA have given MPI our comments and recommendations, a copy can be found here.

The Hemp seed food variation is an MPI-Food issue and can be handled quickly. 

The MOH review of the iHemp Regs will take longer as most of the changes they recommend are unacceptable. 

MOH need help to understand the iHemp industry and this should not delay access to hemp seed foods, we have already waited 18 years!!

We need you to contribute to the discussion and email before the 20th June


To whom it may concern,
RE: Proposed changes to the Misuse of Drugs (Industrial Hemp) Regulations 2006 and regulations under the Food Act 2014.

….. Then give your thoughts on the following ;

….  Don’t forget to add your, name and company name if relevant and your  address


Some ideas of what to include:

We support the comments and recommendations made by the NZHIA

Keep it simple and keep the food issue separate, and make the change urgently.

Personally I think ……..

I look forward to being able to eat …(add your examples e.g. protein, flour, hulled seed, ice cream, milk, cheese, breads, smoothies etc).. hemp seed foods

I look forward to starting my business making …(examples).. hemp seed foods

Finally we will have access to hemp seed foods, thank you

Get the tweak allowing us to have hemp seed foods done with urgency, we have waited long enough

The industry needs access to hemp seed foods don’t wait any longer

A simple tweak to the Food regulations will allow us access to hemp seed foods, get on with it

Don’t let MOH slow us down.

The food issue should be treated separately to the fit for purpose review, as the food is a priority and can be achieved without tweaking the iHemp Regulations.


Regrading the “Fit for purpose” review

Yes there are some tweaks that would help the iHemp regulations to work better, but they need to be made in consultation with Industry and should not hold up the Food issue.

The proposed changes to the objectives and interpretations of the iHemp Regulations are not acceptable

Many of your changes are not required as the regulations are fit for purpose

Engage with industry to find out what if any changes are required

The objective and interpretations are clear, the Ministry of Health simply needs to follow the regulations and enable our industry.

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