Promoting the Economic, Environmental, Health and Social Benefits of a NZ Hemp Industry

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Hemp Collective

Cell Phone: Philip Johnston 027 840 2706 Cell Phone: George Wilson 022 017 8772 Website:
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  • Cultivating Industrial Hemp
  • Export of raw hemp products
  • Hemp Seed Oil Processing


  • Research and Development
  • Working along side other organisations to grow the industry

WE are a grassroots organisation founded by two individuals who believe all natural hemp extracts to be the next revolution in nutritional supplements, providing a wide range of properties that can help with a broad spectrum of diseases plaguing our generation: epilepsy, anxiety, autism, stress, PTSD, depression, cancer, pain, diabetes…and more.
WE are traveling the world looking for the best sources of commercial hemp technologies to best deliver the nutrients of this amazing plant. Driven by passion and excitement we set the bar high!

WE are also in progressive steps to bring biodegradable plastics to the New Zealand market, with the manufacturing process based locally, an exciting new innovation with a gentle touch.

With our cultivating operations nestled between the rolling hills of Puketapu in Hawkesbay.
WE put a high importance on the organic sustainability and creating growth in the local rural area.

WE here at Hemp Collective are also 100% pesticide and herbicide free in our complete growing cycle.

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