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NZ Hempress Talks with NZHIA

We talk to Lisa & Tarryn of NZ Hempress where they share their story of how they got started and why…
In this short 30-minute podcast recording you’ll:
➡️ Hear about Lisa and Tarryn’s story
➡️ How they came to meet
➡️ Why these two kiwi mum’s clicked
➡️ What made them excited about hemp
➡️ How they started NZ Hempress
➡️ Why they are so passionate about helping kiwi families
➡️ The real reason they are pushing for full legalization of the entire hemp plant’s use

The Hemp Guys

The Hemp Guys (NZHIA members Marco Fanthem and Andrew Bell) chat with Richard Rose, “a leading hemp foods pioneer, researcher, author, educator, advocate, speaker, consultant, product developer, brander and marketer”.

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