Press Release – iHemp Summit & Expo 2021


Community invited to join the Hemp revolution

The countdown is on for the organisers of the iHemp Summit and Expo as they prepare to put the industry on display for the general public for the first time in Rotorua this May.

The Summit, which will see industry members come together for a two day conference, is followed by a free public expo of hemp food, fibre and health products.

Billed as one of the most sustainable plants in the world, Summit organiser Richard Barge says that the uses for hemp are virtually unlimited.

“Hemp seeds are incredible! They’re a complete protein source and contain all the essential fatty acids for human daily consumption.”

Now found in many supermarkets as milk alternatives, cereals, protein powders and muesli bars – Barge says that the nutritional benefits are being discovered by shoppers, food producers and retailers.

“We know that Hemp is good for more than just food, with its durable fibre used in everything from clothing to concrete.

“Hemp concrete, or hempcrete, is rising in popularity as a way to reduce the environmental impact of construction while keeping homes warm and dry. With an estimated 8% of global carbon emissions coming from the concrete industry, hemp provides us an undeniable opportunity to help tackle one of the construction industry’s biggest challenges.”

Hemp can be grown almost anywhere in any climate – from the deep south to the far north.

“It is an incredibly strong, fast-growing crop with so much potential. Not only is it naturally resistant to pests and weeds, it can reduce soil toxicity, whilst absorbing four times more carbon dioxide than trees.”

Entry to the public expo on Saturday the 22nd May is free, with the expo running from 10am – 4pm at the Rotorua Energy Events Centre.

Exhibitors at the expo include; Friendlypak (compostable packaging), Herbi.NZ (plant food manufacturers), Hemp Building Association New Zealand, Sativa Botanicals (health supplements).

Those who are interested in learning more about industrial hemp are encouraged to contact the New Zealand Hemp Industry Association or attend the iHemp Summit & Expo 2021 in Rotorua 20-22 May 2021.

For more information visit

For more information please contact:
Shelley Cunningham
iHemp Summit – Conference Manager

Richard Barge
iHemp Summit – Organiser

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